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Muck-itch for Dogs

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Although our product is typically used on horses, we have used it on other animals.  Through the years a few dogs, cats, goats, and (one) racoon have been healed with Muck-itch.  Just recently someone wrote to us on Facebook asking if Muck-itch was effective for dogs… Well, not even a week later, I noticed my dog had a hot spot around his neck/collar area but didn’t think too much about it until a few days later when I notice that he would not stop scratching and pawing the spot. I investigate further and see that the spot had turned into a nasty looking sore which would surely just get worse if left unattended.  

I will admit, at first I thought making him wear a cone (to prevent more scratching) along with cleaning the area using hydrogen peroxide and adding some OTC wound ointment before bedtime to resolve this issue.

By this point I had tried clipping away the hair surrounding the wound in an effort to help the healing process but it didn’t really do much. Finally, after about a week without seeing any improvement, I remembered Muck-itch!

Per the instructions on the bottle, I simply sprayed the wound, rubbed it in and (after putting the cone back on) walk away. The improvement to my dog’s wound just 12 hours later was ASTOUNDING. 

Only 12 hours after first Muck-itch application and significant improvement is visible.  Wound is no longer oozing and scabs are forming. 

"Day 2” - - scabs are falling off and new skin even visible through fur.

"Day 3” – scabs almost entirely gone, no sign of infection or oozing fluids, and new skin looking very healthy underneath!

“Muck-itch Day 4” - - only problem we have is a bald spot.

See the final "Before and After" image below to see the results I obtained in 4 days! 

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