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Holy Humidity

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Living in South Florida is great.  Unless it's July or August, you are outside and not because you're at the beach.  The sun does what the sun does and most afternoons we get drenched with torrential rains and thunderstorms.  Luckily, the storms pass right over us relatively quickly and life resumes in a few hours.  Unluckily, that heat combined with rain moisture means humidity.  Not just humidity, it's as if a literal wall of steam is constantly lingering in the air.  Some mornings when I open the back door to let the dog out, he will jump outside and turn immediately around to come inside. It makes me laugh but imagine how hot the rest of the day will be once the sun is up! 

Humid environments are where rain rot, mud fever, scratches and muck itch thrive.  Guess nasty bacteria want to vacation in Florida as well.  These months are when most damage of severe cases will begin.  We have learned that prevention is much easier to manage than waiting for a visible infection to begin treatment.  

When horses are out of their stables and the area is clean, finish by spraying Muck-itch all over every surface.  It is safe to spray on blankets, dressing, floors, walls, and brushes.  I use it the same way I use Lysol after cleaning inside the house.  

This method has definitely decreased the recurrence of equine skin conditions at our barn.  

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