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Happy Birthday Muck-itch™

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This year Muck-itch™ Skin Saver turns 15. It’s hard to believe our product has been around that many years, especially since the person who invented, tested, and ultimately created our formula, Katrina Hollander, passed away in a tragic automobile accident in 2004. Although there was initially some debate over whether production would continue, Katrina’s husband and father decided to continue her work and their labor of love is still thriving 9 years later. Each bottle is manually produced and shipped from a Florida warehouse. The company hopes to expand their product line to include equine shampoo, conditioner and possibly even a mosquito spray (yippie!).

Although Katrina is not here with us to celebrate this milestone, I hope that wherever she is, there is a huge smile on her face thanks to all the horses her product has helped during the last 15 years - I know there are many of us who are smiling because of her J

Here’s to another 15!

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